23 May 2018

How to make a Lava Lamp

How to make a Lava Lamp

  • Salt
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Oil
  • Clear jar

  1. Carefully fill the clear  jar up to ⅔ water.
  2. Slowly pour the oil slowly onto the top of the water.
  3. Gently squeeze a drop of food colouring on top of the oil.
  4. Slowly sprinkle the salt on top of the oil.

29 March 2018

The Horn

On Monday we played some brass instruments.
It was fun and cool. I played the horn and cornet.
The horn made a farting noise. It looks like a puzzle.
This is a photo of me playing the horn

19 October 2017

Book titled 'the gingerbread man and the chikens'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

01 March 2017

Starting School

IALA recounts

I have worked hard to add detail to my ideas.

There before me lay a playground with trees with birds.

The birds were working really hard. The birds worked hard at building nests.


Here is a picture of me wearing the class korowai. My feather is honesty.